Who we are

Spectrum is a Queer Feminist NGO (1901) based in France, whose aim is to increase the level of feminism in all societies. We believe in spectrum of sex, gender and sexual orientation and work together to make the world a better and equal place for everyone on this spectrum.

Team members
Soudeh Rad


Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh


Join us

We invite Persian and non-Persian speaker volunteers, interns and freelancers to join us and support us, by sharing their comments and suggestions, producing new contents and promoting existing contents.

As Iranian diaspora activists, we have worked with other Iranian feminist and queer activists and groups during the past few years. With an intersectional approach, we try to extend our network to learn from the experiences of different minority groups and support them.

As an active member of ILGA Europe, Spectrum has been involved in the Euroean and international queer movement and we are also interested in collaborating with other groups and organisations.