What we do

Our Aim as a Queer Feminist organization is to inform and advocate for Love, Fairness and Equality. Our current open projects are Macholand, Avishan, and Dojensgara, Iranian.lgbt, Hamdam app and Avaa for kids.


Macholand is the Persian feminist cyber activism platform. It supports, encourages and empowers cyber activism to promote gender equality in Persian speaking communities all over the world. Articles, infographics, videos and images are the mediums used to communicate with the users of the platform.

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Iranian.lgbt is the umbrella project which acts like a yellow page for Persian speaking LGBTQIA+ inside and out of the country who are seeking for information and contacts, using RSS technology. The content created for this platform aims to raise awareness about digital hygiene in the community. In addition to articles, we use other mediums like podcasts and comic strips.

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Avishan is the Sex Education for all program focusing on sexual health and pleasure for everyone, of any sex, gender or sexual orientation. The platform started with a radio program series and now has developed into a full-fledged website that covers other mediums too, such as videos, articles and more.

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Dojensgara is a hub for the Persian speaking bisexual+ community, the first and so far the only one! The website creates and aggregates content covering a range of themes from rights to sexual and mental health catered for the Persian speaking bi+ and queer community and creates contents for other mediums too, such as videos, podcasts and more.

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Hamdam is an app developed to offer a range of functionalities and features to Persian speaking women. The app features the first Farsi period tracker equipped with Jalali calendar as its core offering, and on top of that connects the user to a social emergency number directly within the app too. Hamdam also features women’s legal rights and sexual health to position itself as a one-stop solution provider for women and anyone who gets periods in Iran.

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Avaa for Kids

Avaa for Kids is a sex education website which focus on the providing age appropriate information about body, sex and different aspects of sexuality such as sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sexaul characteristics (SOGIESC) for all childeren and teenagers though book stories. It also help different groups of adult who are in contact with children such as parents and educators to decide when and how they can talk about sex and sexuality with their childeren and how they can to answer their questions.

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